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We have more than 10 years of experience as a leading paving company specializing in asphalt driveway installations and driveway paving. With our deep understanding of asphalt paving and construction, we know a thing or two about the area. As professionals, we know how to deal with any residential or commercial asphalt driveway paving project, on time and perfectly fulfilling the specifications. And not only do we deliver on the promises we make, but we aim to exceed them. Looking for a trustworthy driveway paving service? Give us a call, let us know about your project, budget, and schedule, and we’ll start right away!


Family Owned & Operated

Power Paving is a family-owned asphalt business in Boston MA. This allows us to give each and every project the special attention it deserves. We have the right equipment for both asphalt paving, and we ensure it will be completed quickly and efficiently.

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Licensed & Insured

Weโ€™re a fully licensed contractor and trusted in the industry to provide top-quality services. Weโ€™re insured to protect your home or property from any job site accidents.

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We can assist you in achieving the quality and beauty of an asphalt driveway that will maintain your home's value for years to come. Whether you need driveway paving to expand, change, or replace your existing driveway, our paving company is here for you.

Our team of professionals in Massachusetts is proud to offer our specialized asphalt driveway and driveway paving services. With many years in the industry, our skilled contractors are equipped to handle any size job, from small residential driveways to large commercial parking lots.


Clients Reviews

David Ferreira
David Ferreira
Very good responsible and delivery the job as promised thanks !



It can be your first time working with our company, so here are the answers to the most asked questions.

What Makes Us a Reputable Company?

Our communication channels are always open. Our relationship with our clients begins on the first day of contact, and only ends once theyโ€™re fully satisfied with our work.

How Do We Manage and Minimize Risks?

Before construction in, our experts conduct a thorough site study to identify any underlying utilities; this minimizes the risk of damage to your electrical, water or gas lines.

What Should You do for Asphalt preparation?

Make an effort to make the location fully accessible to our team, and if you are unable to do so, at least let us know about any issues in advance.

How to Initiate a Project?

Free estimates are available. We can handle any project, small or large, and our staff is quite skilled at comprehending complicated instructions. Before coming to the site, we give comprehensive consultations and question-and-answer sessions to save you time. We make every effort to adhere to the client timetable and budget as a client-oriented firm.

When it comes to paving, there are many things that need to be done perfectly and properly. Construction is not as easy as most people think; this involves a lot of safety measures and careful planning before you even begin with the process.

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